Hiring Baby Boomers to Work From
Home is Smart. Period.

Members of this generation are known for being reliable, conscientious, eager to learn new things, and willing to go the extra mile to get the job done and done right. Boomers are set apart by their loyalty and strong work ethic. Their varied work background and their multi-layered life experiences help them bring more to the job. And more and more Baby Boomers are breaking into the work-from-home dynamic. It’s a perfect fit for many retirees, or those who aren’t ready to retire but want to stay active and vital. And they love our personal matchmaker approach to job hunting!

The Right Fit

Even on a tight budget, you really can afford our team of reps -- on a scale you choose. We specialize in hiring individuals who don’t expect an outrageous hourly wage but are just genuine good-hearted Americans who desire a meaningful job with other good people. They want a stable career, but they also know what it’s like for businesses to struggle in these times. They’ve seen many tough times in their lives.

Our representatives are your neighbors, your friends, your fellow community members. We hire Baby Boomers who want to help businesses survive and grow again even amidst COVID-19. They know a lot about resilience, too.

Our Methods

We’re on a mission to help businesses get through COVID-19 and come out on the other side even stronger. Large corporations may find efficiencies in shifting call volume and customer service to big centers, but our flexible approach is nimble and cost-effective. It will be a win for you. We dedicate resources to you that are specialized for your needs, and our personal matchmaker method is a win-win for both you and the candidates you seek.

Our entrepreneurial approach allows you to run your business as you always have -- with versatility and heart. You can scale up or down, now or later. It’s up to you.

Either way, we’re here and dedicated to working with you.

We Are Flexible, Because That’s What You Need

Solutions We Provide:

  • Dedicated Reps
  • Dedicated Call Groups
  • Pay Per Minute
  • Company Operator

We are ready to help lead you into the future with the outsourcing solutions you need without giving up any of the customer service that makes your clients trust you.

Dedicated Reps

Dedicated Reps are the answer when you need your clients to feel the continuity of care. Because the reps won’t have to constantly switch gears, it will feel like they are working directly for you from home, without the hefty payroll that comes with it!

This is the solution you need to optimize retention -- and Baby Boomers are known for their consistency on the job. Since they are working only for you, this is not a pay per minute solution. They are paid a flat compensation for being available only for your company at all times.

These are highly trained reps with your products ready to answer when the call comes in!

Dedicated Call Groups

By far our most popular solution and the way most clients get started, dedicated call groups can be done with or without dedicated reps.

When the call comes in, it gets routed to a round robin queue and the first available rep answers. Following a proven script just for your company, they take and answer the call. People hate being on hold. Imagine how impressed they will be when someone answers on the first ring

With this solution, we also offer detailed reports that give you data on the average number of rings until someone answers.

Pricing can be pay per minute or flat rate.

Company Operator

There is nothing more frustrating than not being able to speak to a human when you need something, so imagine your client’s surprise when someone picks up immediately when you call. Additionally, when someone presses zero from your IVR, an operator is there to get them to the extension they need if they would have just had the patience to listen.

Customers don’t expect operators to know much more than where to transfer a call, so we can provide that service really affordably.

This is your first impression, so you really want to leave a world-class impression on each customer every single time. Having an all-American presence really puts them in the right frame of mind right away and guarantees a much more positive experience.

Your Next Step

As a hiring manager, your time is immensely valuable. Every minute counts. Contact BoomerHR.com today to start boosting your ability to weather the storm that COVID-19 has brought across the United States.

We are dedicated to helping you navigate these difficult times. Our personnel -- often your neighbors and fellow community members -- want to help. We value you, your operation and your contribution to our American life.

Let us be the professional, affordable solution that’s just what you need.

Baby Boomers can enhance your operation with depth and a richness of experience that others in the workforce just don’t have. Find out how today.

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