Matching Baby Boomers with Booming
Careers Using a Personal Touch

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Experience the Human-to-Human Job Search

Are you frustrated with the usual job hunting process?

Does it feel impersonal to fill out long forms or send electronic documents, not knowing if they will be received or by whom?

Let us handle it for you - with a tried-and-true philosophy made new again: People first.

Bypass multiple interviews in favor of one conversation with a matchmaker who is going to fast-track your application. Work with us and our HR representatives - who are in direct communication with hiring managers - will know the exact status of your application. They’re the bridge between you and your next job.

This Service Is 100% Free for Job Seekers - Companies Pay Us to Match Candidates With Them, and We Don't Get Paid Unless We Match Someone With the Job. Everyone Wins!


You save time, and we fast-track you to finding the career of your dreams.


Hiring managers love it because we introduce them to candidates who may have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Our Growing Team of

And we get to employ matchmakers who truly love what they do. Wait till you speak with one!

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How Does Boomer Staffing Work

Complete a very brief profile. Just fill in your name, city you live in, and, if possible, add a resume, although you don’t even need one - that’s why we love step #2 so much!

We will *immediately* connect you via video using your webcam on your smartphone or laptop/desktop computer with a matchmaker. They will get to know you at a level a resume can’t do justice - and learn about the softer things that make you happy. This video interview is recorded so a senior matchmaker can review it to ensure that you get the best white-gloved service possible.

We go to work for you as your matchmakers! We will introduce you to opportunities that we believe may fit, and it’s a brief back-and-forth process during which we deepen our understanding of what makes you happy. This ultimately and hopefully results in you landing something which is a long-term fit!

Your Life Experience Is Valuable

As a Baby Boomer, you’re a child of the Greatest Generation - and while some might find that a tough act to follow, you and your peers have met and exceeded expectations of your own generation and defined American society for decades.

You’re not done yet.

You have significant life experience and an enormous amount to contribute to American society. At, we recognize your value and are prepared to help you find the kind of work that will help fulfill you. Our method is by far the fastest way to get connected as a Baby Boomer to careers.

Start a profile with us today. We need you to bring:

  • Your Awesome Attitude
  • A Broadband Internet Connection
  • A Computer with Google Chrome

We’ll show you how to download our app for handling phone calls and get you up and running quickly. It’s not uncommon that within a couple of days of being hired, you’ll be up to speed with our well-crafted scripts and have the support you need to start helping businesses across America.

Your legacy begs to be continued.

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